Salted Caramel Drip Cake! ❤️ A Delicious, Dreamy, Sweet & Salty Cake that everyone will enjoy. A Salted Caramel Drip Cake to beat all others, the true showstopper!

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When I perfected the recipe for fried calamari, it was a total no-brainer to make this Cantonese Salt & Pepper Squid. Prepared in a similar manner to Cantonese Salt & Pepper Pork Chops, the fried pieces of calamari are tossed in a mixture of crunchy stir-fried garlic, ginger, and hot green peppers. Traditionally, the squid …

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Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken or Popcorn Chicken - crispy fried marinated chicken with basil leaves, get the easy and delicious recipe now | sooo tasty

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It’s that time of year where I want salted caramel EVERYTHING. It’s such a cozy treat! Be it drizzled over your coffee… or straight into your mouth. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to slip into the salted caramel game, this recipe is here for you. No thermometer needed. No fancy ingredients. No hours …

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Salt and pepper squid. For the full recipe by Jeremy Pang, click the picture or see

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