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The Rat Patrol 1966-1968 - Christopher George (Sgt. Sam Troy) ... Gary Raymond (Briitish Sgt. Jack Moffett) ... Lawrence Casey (Pvt. Mark T. Hitchcock) ... Justin Tarr (Pvt. Tully Pettigrew) ... Hans Gudegast - now Eric Braeden - (German Capt Hans Dietrich)

I used to stay up as late as I could hoping this show would come on. I didn't have a TV guide or the internet.


WWII men of the new formed British SAS usually supported by the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) in the North Africa Campaign.


An SAS jeep in the Gabes-Tozeur area of Tunisia. The vehicle is heavily loaded with jerricans of fuel and water, and personal kit. The 'gunner' is manning the .50 inch Browning heavy machine gun, while the driver has a single Vickers 'K' gun in front, and a twin mounting behind.


Those of us who grew up watching The Rat Patrol harbor a latent interest in desert warfare of World War Two. While The Rat Patrol was entertaining TV, it also took some historical liberties. The series was loosely based on the British Army’s Long Range Desert Group, an elite unit that used Chevrolet trucks (shown above) more often than jeeps to conduct raids and reconnaissance patrols behind the lines of the German Africa Corps.


This is probably the first television show in my memory from the past. There were some kids around my age who lived next door and they used to let me sit on the floor of their living room and watch it.


Pick: Cute Mouse Pic Of The Day

I want DarkStream to lead a patrol. You may take WolfClaw, WhiteFur, TawnyShade, SorrelClaw, MistyFur and WhitePaw with you.