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The Proclamation

Educational Decree No. 23: Harry Potter print by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the designers behind the memorabilia of the HP films.


Hatfield House, UK. This is where the young Elizabeth I found out that she had become Queen


LDS Mobile App Deluxe coloring pages: old testement, new testament, book of mormon, missionary, general conference, christmas, proclamation to the world...all can also be printed out in pdf form


Love your life. No one understands how important this is. We are all becoming zombies and yet this is the ONLY life we have here on earth. it breaks my heart

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Stunning pictures of men and women who were born into slavery and photographed more than seventy years after being freed

The last faces of American slavery: Stunning pictures of men and women who were born into slavery and photographed more than 70 years after being freed.

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From the Marauder’s Map to The Quibbler: Graphic art from the Harry

One of Dolores Umbridge's dictates at Hogwarts, from Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix


Would love to specialise in this field. I am already concerningly familiar with the shadow proclamation.....


Henry VIII's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, had been pregnant six times, but only one baby survived: Mary, born in 1516. This letter was written two years later by Henry VIII to Cardinal Wolsey, while Catherine was pregnant for the last time. He writes: 'I trust the quene my wyfe be with chylde'.


The Idea Door: Free Christmas Printable - The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace


During the late 1500s, Queen Elizabeth I passed a series of strict laws relating to dress codes. The laws ensured that people across the social spectrum dressed according to their rank and class. At this time, England was importing great quantities of luxury fabrics, and the Queen expressed concern that her subjects were spending too much money on 'unnecessary foreign wares' and 'vain devices'.