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Prime Numbers, Multiples and Times Tables board game Space Conquest

Space Conquest is a game that helped players better grasp the concepts of Times Tables, Multiples and Prime Numbers, all in one fun and competitive board game. Game comes bundled with three free posters on the subjects of Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers. Object: You are a space explorer. You plan to own as many spaces on the board as you can. Problem is, so does your opponent.


Summer Guide: AriZona Arnold Palmer

You may not think of Arnold Palmer as a style icon, but I haven't seen another golfer appear so old Hollywood while still keeping the rugged sportsman look.


Nobel Prize winner Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England from May 10th 1940 – July 26th 1945. Churchill was a major player in the war, and his iconic speeches helped inspire the British people and rally them against the Germans. Churchill was the first Honourary US Citizen. Britain and the British Empire declared war on Germany on September 3rd, 1939 (two days after Germany began the Invasion of Poland)…


This Prime and Composite "Slap It!" Differentiated Game is an engaging and simple way for students to practice identifying prime and composite numbers. This file come with number cards from 1-200. This activity can be differentiated by giving groups of students different numbers to work with based on their needs. Grades 3-5 ~ The Vivacious Teacher (CCSS 4.OA.B.4)

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Android activation total doubles in six months

Android activation total doubles in six months | Google has now activated an astonishing 200 million Android handsets, a figure which has doubled in the last six months alone Buying advice from the leading technology site