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The Greatest TV Shows for Women

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I imagine Laila's eyes glowing like this when she's using her powers, but glowing a pale, ice, blue :-)

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Cook from skins I hated this kids character all season until that scene at the end... With the baseball bat!

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he came from the land beyond the sea. his feet and fingers were webbed, his skin…

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the beauty of leaves (elephantine)

Out in the yard, they appeared nearly identical — not so much, anymore. (I love the edges that...

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I loved "The OC" because of "Marissa Cooper"...

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Hearts full of happiness: an intimate celebration in County Cork

I'm sure that my knackered foot could last the day in these little beauties! Foxy Vivienne Westwood shoes for the big day

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Marissa & Summer: "There's a Paul Frank sale Wednesday." #TheOC Season 2, #1: The Distance.

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