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My personal vision of Logan Gyre -  a protagonist from "the Night Angel Trilogy" by Brent Weeks. This was really no work, because only i did was to take an amazing artwork from a real Art...


Kylar Stern and the Black Ka'kari. The main character from the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. This trilogy is one of my favorite novels. Artwork by Vynthallas on DeviantArt

Elene Cromwyll. One of the main characters from Brent Week's Night Angel trilogy. Artwork by Vynthallas on DeviantArt


Another excellent series. I really enjoyed these booked and read them in a very short span of time. A real page flipper!

My personal vision of Viridiana "Vi" Sovari - another maincharacter of Brent Weeks' "Night Angel Triologie" Body: Triss Merigold, Face: Femshep (Mass Effect), various parts from Assassins Creed and...


Night Angel: The Complete Trilogy (The Night Angel Trilogy) by Brent Weeks

Angelarium (Part 2)
from 9GAG

Angelarium (Part 2)

Trilogy books of Chronicles of the Chosen One: the real secrets and true mysteries of Lilith - Book part 1 & The Chronicles and Historical Notes on Immortals: Two Gods from Hell the Mythology of the Gods: the true story of the creation - the book of Repair - Book part 2". both novels availiable now on amazon


A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas


From the Night Angel trilogy. This would make an awesome background image.