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Kylar Stern and the Black Ka'kari. The main character from the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. This trilogy is one of my favorite novels. Artwork by Vynthallas on DeviantArt

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Elene Cromwyll. One of the main characters from Brent Week's Night Angel trilogy. Artwork by Vynthallas on DeviantArt

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Night Angel: The Complete Trilogy (The Night Angel Trilogy) by Brent Weeks

The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. And this is my way of showing my love for this series. I have more so stick around, . My other NAT illustrations

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Angelarium // Blessed by the Angels of stars and night

My personal vision of Logan Gyre - a protagonist from "the Night Angel Trilogy" by Brent Weeks. This was really no work, because only i did was to take an amazing artwork from a real Art...

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My personal Vision as Kylar would look like. Including Stuff: Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little various parts from Assassions Creed, and the Ka'kari i took off the of...

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Entirely engulfed by the black ka'kari, Kylar embraces the true form of the Night Angel - JUDGMENT!!! BRENT WEEKS!!! NIGHT ANGEL TRILOGY! READ IT!!

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