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BAH HUMBUG !!!!!!!!! My 4 favorite Christmas Movies and 1 Christmas BritCom……..

Christmas Movies - The Muppet Christmas Carol. Quite Possible the BEST Christmas movie in the history of all Christmas movies.

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You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

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Allo Worms!!! Be sure to read these stats and what not. The back stories are amazing and have much depth!

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Disney released a picture of mickey consoling kermit because they know how it feelt...when they lost Walt.

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Startling & Sometimes Creepy Behind the Scenes Photos from David Bowie's Labyrinth

labyrinthnook: “ A girl’s best friend is her yeti! Jennifer Connelly at the Royal Command Premiere of Labyrinth, December ” That’s not a Yeti. That’s Ludo! "Smell bad!!“

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