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Catherine Zeta Jones in the Mask of Zorro--great sword play scene. Alejandro: Be careful senorita, there are dangerous men about. Elena: Well if you see one, be sure to point him out.


The Mask of Zorro with Catherine Zeta Jones by Greg Williams . You can't take Wales out of the girl. Boyojenkins.


I wish I could be as sexy and as elegant as Catherine Zeta Jones in The Mask of Zorro. I love her look!


Will I deny myself your Delicate fingers running through my fur. The sound of your kiss between my velvety ears will content me just fine. So sit with me my saviour in life for you saw the light in my dark. Teeth and claws and powerful jaws yes, my dear you are fooled. For I am the wolf and I wish for one thing, well in fact I don't not need to wish. Because inside my eyes you're as blue as the skies and you will not deny me my needs. So stare not at my jaws or your blood on my claws because…


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1 The Mask Of Zorro: Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stuart Wilson: Amazon Instant Video