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The Rugged Style- Art of Being the Man

Classics never die and the new ideas are always forged, this is the yin n yang of fashion

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Tom Ford- I agree with most but not the teeth. I mean come on, a crooked tooth can give character.

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Ref: E18 The interesting thing about this photo is that you get a glimpse of what may be sea boot stockings.

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Sean Connery - I remember watching him in Darby O'Gill and the Little People and thinking how haaaandsome he was... :)

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How To Look Good In A Suit: Everything You Need To Know

How To Look Good In A Suit: Everything You Need To Know

How to wear a suit like a big kid. LOL some of these tips people don't know so it is worth a look. A suit can make you look superior to the rest of your colleagues. They add so much splendor to your dashing personality. Just take a look at these tips.

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Errol Flynn looking pretty. This guy was a rogue and a scoundrel BUT that being said he was a swashbuckler actor that inspired many ideals in my young life, more for the roles he played than the man he actually was.

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Men's Dark Brown Herringbone Blazer, Grey Waistcoat, Dark Green Floral Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Jeans

Take ideas from of variety of men's fashion. Get ready for the summer and Fall.

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