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Drarry, Voldemort approves. I sense another awkward Dark Lord/Malfoy hug...I really hate drarry but this is hilarious just because of lucious at the end

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Most accurate thing ever. Except for the last one I had to pause my Netflix because I fell off the couch giggling and whispering, "Whaaaaaaaat happeeeened????"

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21/221 The "Fighting Temeraire" Tugged to her Last Berth to be Broken up - William Turner, 1839

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Draco and Harry resorting to domesticity instead. I never knew I needed this in my life until I saw it!

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Sherlock: The Abominable Bride *Undeniable proof that Moffat & Gatis were in Tumblr to write this whole episode. Like seriously! Fatcroft with a thing for cakes & pudding, Johnstache, shippable lines like this, Mary hinting at their Johnlockness, Moriarty shipping Johnlock...*

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ron and hermione. Technically the last thing fleur would say would be " Je te l'ai dit " which is I told you so, but it's close enough.

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He offered it to me. Said it with passion hope and fear. Like it was his last option. But he couldn't do it without me. If I held him here the fire from within would distroy him, in time. He asked me to run away with him as his last hope. But the problem was. I wasn't him. I needed school. I needed the classes. I needed everything here. But he didn't he needed to go away. And I needed to stay. And he knew. So he would stay to. But it would destroy him we both knew that.

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