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Large sapphire ring, said to have belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots. It has been in the Hamilton Collection since 1587. The inscription on the back of the bezel reads, in 17th-century writing, "Sent by Queen Mary of Scotland at her death". On the hoop are the words, "to John, Mar Hamilton". The 1st Marquis of Hamilton had been one of Mary's staunchest supporters. He went into exile after her defeat in 1568, but in 1585, James VI welcomed him back, praising his fidelity.


The national secular society wishes to see Prince Charles legally prevented from having a coronation with Christian elements. Interesting to...


Culture & Civilization of English Speaking Countries II: The Tudor and Stuart Monarchs and some of the main events of thier reign


John Piper (1903‑1992) 18. Gedney, Lincolnshire: a Tower in the Fens From A Retrospect of Churches 1964 Lithograph on paper. y God, these lithographs are wonderful -- I don't think I had previously registered that a whole series of them existed... What I wouldn't give etc etc...