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The Hills Tv Show

Check Out The Real Ages Of TV High Schoolers When Their Shows Started


The Hills Have Eyes - Carters, an idyllic American family traveling through the great American southwest. But their trip takes a detour into an area closed off from the public, but more importantly from society. An area originally used by the U.S. Government for nuclear testing that was intended to be empty...or so they thought?


8 Times The Hills Was Our Favorite TV Show

Flats are a tired girl’s feet’s best friend. While heels certainly add glamour and a hint of sexy sophistication to any look, there’s no denying that they can


Life's a beach! Glossy girls, rich guys...The impossibly glamorous Beverly Hills 90210 is back

ahhhhhh the 90's! I loved this show but wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid because some it sexual content which was nothing to today's TV shows! This was pre- jersey shore


Max and Naomi. Beauty meets Geek. Seriously one of my fave relationships on the show. <3