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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - the movie looks nothing like the book... But I still want to see it!

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"Gatsby looked at Daisy in a way that every young girl wanted to be looked at"…

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'The Great Gatsby' abrirá Festival de Cannes 2013

Image 21. The Great Gatsby- Baz Lurhman. The costumes in Lurhman's Gatsby were breathtaking, and have caused it to make a huge impact on the film industry. While the film itself didn't come out on top with it's critic reviews, the costumes, atmosphere and soundtrack are unique to his style and to the film industry as a whole. I want to create a costume as showstopping as Lurhman did with The Great Gatsby.

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Six Fashionable Films to Watch with Your Girl Friends

The Great Gatsby film is a great source of inspiration for the look and feel of your decor and outfits

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Are The Expectations of The Great Gatsby Fashion Bigger than the Actual Movie?

Image 3 This film is a very glamorous film and a film I have chosen to explore as I think the theme and the makeup and costume would fit with my design and allow me to be more creative in glamour makeup

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The Great Gatsby

Set in New York City in the spring of 1922, Carey Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby

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