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The Dark Tower Series

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The Dark Tower Series. Proud to say I finished reading this entire series. Glad Stephen King finally did finish it after so many years in the writing.

Roland Deschain di Gilead by mitissima1975, via Flickr. The Dark Tower Stephen King


The Dark Tower series || Stephen King's Magnum Opus. He spent his entire career writing these amazing novels filled with countless references to his other works. A wonderful mix of genres: western, science fiction, fantasy, meta-literature, horror, you name it. Roland Deschain is the last of a long line of Clint Eastwood-esque gunslingers in a parallel post-apocalyptic old west world on a quest to defeat the Man in Black and the Crimson King and finally reach the Dark Tower.

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The Drawing of the Three- The Dark Tower - Stephen King Inspired - Movie Art Poster

-Roland of Gilead; The Drawing of the Three, The Dark Tower series by Stephen King


I think the Dark Tower series as a whole is a staggering achievement and belongs in any discussion without qualification of the “Greatest Fantasy Series of All Time.”

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ISTP = "The Craftsman" = Traits: Flexible, hands-on, present-minded, analytical ~~~ Book: Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series blends action-packed Western elements with more technical, sci-fi descriptions in a way that would be pleasing to an ISTP. The prose is muscular and the plot is quick enough to keep them on their toes.


Oy the billy bumbler from the Dark Tower series.


I love the gunslinger's code; probably enough to get it as a tattoo some day....


The Dark Tower - Stephen King. This is Stephen King's Magnum Opus. Along with The Stand, this series is one you simply cannot put down. Brilliant!! For added fun, listen to the audio version (with George Guidell and Frank Mueller -- NOT the Stephen King audio!!) It goes on forever, and still you're sad to see it end...


Stephen King | "The Dark Tower" series | "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."