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The Cracken

from You've Got Shirt

Retro Hometown - Mc-Cracken, KS 67556 - Black - Small - Vintage - Unisex - T-Shirt

Retro Hometown - Rock-Hill, NY 12775 - Black - Small - Vintage - Unisex - T-Shirt

Ever since Leonardo da Vinci urged artists to search for inspiration in the dirt on walls or the streaked patterns in stones, they have found that the accidental blot, the chance mark, or the naturally occurring stain can be a starting point for some extraordinary art


Nautical Tattoo design, the kraken within the deep sea and Poseidon from Dark Design Graphics #tattoo #customtattoodesign #darkdesigngraphics #poseidontattoo #krakentattoo #thekraken #tallship #fullsleeve

Tentacle Ampersand Design - I'd love to see an Octopus-inspired font || Weekly typography inspiration for everyone! Introducing Moire Studios a thriving website and graphic design studio. Feel Free to Follow us @moirestudiosjkt to see more outstanding pins like this. Or visit our website to learn more about us. #typography #GraphicDesign ||


Nautical Tattoo work in progress shot of the kraken #krakentattoo #kraken #legendarymonster #seamonster #tattoo #tattoodesign #illustration #fullsleeve