The Bushwhackers

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Food isn’t always an afterthought at breweries: take, for example, these spots that put almost as much love into their food menus as they do to their tap offerings. Come for the brisket and IPA. Stay for the dan dan noodles and lager.

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Aplets (Apple Walnut Turkish Delight)

One of my all time favorite fantasy series is The Chronicles of Narnia. I try to read them at least once a year, and it feels like coming home each time. You can't mention Turkish Delight without...

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Quantrill’s Raider George Maddox (1831-1901) - Main Scout- & Pro-Confederate “Bushwhacker” Survived the War In January 1862, Maddox, along with Fletch Taylor and others, joined William C. Quantrill’s band as some of the guerrilla chieftain’s earliest recruits. Maddox participated in actions at Pleasant Hill, Missouri 1862, Lawrence, Kansas 1863, Baxter Springs, Kansas 1863 and Centralia, Missouri, 1864.


A delicious cocktail recipe for the Bushwhacker cocktail with Kahlua, Bacardi Superior Rum, Milk, Coconut Cream and Creme De Cacao Dark. See the ingredients, how to make it, view instrucitonal videos, and even email or text it to you phone.

Civil War Jesse James fought the Jayhawkers from Lawrence, Ks. Kansas was a free state where many Black families moved to be safe. Part of Missouri was for slave owners - mostly in the southern part and the northern Missourians generally went with the Abolitionists. James gang fought for the south.

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Bourbon and Apple Cider Cocktail

For this our Food and Beverage Director Kirsten Gleaves shares this specialty cocktail that puts us in the mood for fall: The Ciderhouse – Housemade apple cider, accented with lemon juice, spiked with Kentucky Bourbon and garnished with an apple chip.

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The tradition of fruit paste goes back to the Middle Ages, when the recipe was born without knowing it. Cooking fruit into a thick paste was then a means of storing fruit well beyond their season. But their flavor quickly seduced the palates of connoisseurs and fruit pastes soon became a feature of royal tables. The oldest are made from apples, and the most prized in the history of France are apricot pastes. For centuries, their trade secret was kept by the monasteries, before crossing the…

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