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The Brick Hours

from The Travelbunny

Catania Market and Pescheria, Sicily

A stroll around Catania's Food Market, Sicily. Love the way they fit anything in flower-lined alleys, especially cafes. Oh, and most things you do, Mt. Etna is in the background. Love the brick oven pizza and vino.


I love the white and cream and gray in this room. Plus -  I love the brick floors

from TipHero

13 Valuable Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Home

I remember someone from school having a Gameboy really early on. On a school trip to London we all huddled round to watch him play Tetris (we had an inferior version on our PC) and Alleyway. It took years to get one for myself. Then it got thieved. I think.


The Brick clock by Leff Amsterdam is a bold piece of vintage design reinvented for the 21st century by one of their in house designers Erwin Termaat. A 24 hour vintage style flip clock, reinvented and redesigned, with a unique combination of materials and graphics this superb modern clock is the a great accessory for any room in your home. The case is welded and brushed by hand which gives this clock a high level of craftsmanship. This clock can be displayed on a desk or hung on the wall.


iOS 10 encountered a big problem ‘during the first hour of availability’ but it’s fixed now

from Etsy

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Sometimes we learn the most when we hit a brick wall. Creativity is pushed to the extreme when challenges are present.