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The Brick Hours

Catania Market and Pescheria, Sicily

A stroll around Catania's Food Market, Sicily. Love the way they fit anything in flower-lined alleys, especially cafes. Oh, and most things you do, Mt. Etna is in the background. Love the brick oven pizza and vino.


Think you need big boxes of bricks and lots of experience to build something great? Whether you have just a few minutes to spare after a busy workday or hours to play on the weekend, here are five fun and easy build & play ideas you can make in no time. All you need are 27 DUPLO bricks and figures (or even less) to start creating with your toddler.


Multicolour LEGO® bricks on black gloss acrylic square wall clock


When you berry your toes in nature the gifts you receive are worth so much more than gold. Notice : )


Industrial decor style is perfect for any space. An industrial library is always a good idea. See more excellent decor tips here:


Best Rotisserie Kits Online in UK Barbeque rotisseries work by slowly cooking the meat on a spit for over a period of time and it actually roasts the meat. The rotating movement keeps most of the juices while letting the fat drip away. In this way, the meat remains flavorful even after hours of slow cooking.


The Designer Is In: A Scandi Kitchen in a London Victorian

There's something about London designer Jamie Blake's white kitchens that has us transfixed. This weekend he takes us through the project that cemented the look—a remodel for a photographer friend. Blake will be available for the next 48 hours to answer any and all questions. Ask away!