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My favourite artist's depiction of one of my favourite places. David Hockney, Sledmere. BEAUTIFUL

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The Bigger Picture Around Repeating Number Patterns And Sequences | IntuitiveJournal. Many of you see repeating number patterns and sequences like 11:11, 222, 333, and 444 and wonder what the relevance is for a certain situation in your life. You might also know them as angel numbers on your search for more information. Understand the bigger picture.

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How to Make a Dress Bigger

How to add extra fabric panels )the right way) to a dress that may be too tight. Simple step by step tutorial with pictures on the site!

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100 Reasons Why I'm So Incredibly in Love with You

I highly recommend writing a list of all the reasons why you're in love with your partner, so you'll never lose sight of the bigger picture.

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Jeff Bridges, Zen master look at the bigger picture

Jeff Bridges, Zen master look at the bigger picture via USA Today | New book available at

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VICTORY's ARTICLE OF THE DAY - Guidelines for Choosing a Specialist - Choose a specialist who can help show you and your partner the bigger picture and gives you advice during the consultation. #ivf #infertility #cryopreservation #iui #fertility

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But even her infertility served a purpose. God saw the bigger picture, because He is the One who wrote and illustrated the whole story.

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