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first scene gets me every time...bomb carriers...a film banned in France until the 1970s


The Battle of Algiers 4K restoration release is heading our way. Details here


Wings of the Valkyrie Norse Valkyries, or Viking Warriors, believed that they consumed corpses of dead warriors after battle.


New 4K Re-Release Trailer for Gillo Pontecorvo’s ‘The Battle of Algiers’ «We must isolate and destroy them.» Rialto Pictures has debuted a new trailer for the 50th anniversary 4K restored re-release of the 1966 classic war film The Battle of Algiers, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo. The film presents an accurate historical recreation of the three-year Battle of Algiers, chronicling the escalating terrorism and…


Pontecorvo, Gillo: The Battle of Algiers|depfacozdb|461037

“The Battle Of Algiers” New 4K Restoration Release

Did the Pentagon use The Battle of Algiers as a training film?


Algerian War, 1954-62: French paratroopers of the 10th Airborne Division march through the streets of Algiers singing their war song. The 10th was given free hand in suppressing the Algerian liberation group FNL in the city of Algiers. The 10th's operations evolved during the Battle of Algiers (Jan-Sept 1957) with the FNL suffering lethal blows.