10 Thanksgiving movies for kids. It's a great way to help kids understand Thanksgiving and being thankful

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Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration: Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration features four episodes: "A Chipmunk Celebration," "Food for Thought," "Cookie Chomper III," and "Dave's Getting Married." The stories deal with Alvin's disappointment about not getting the part he wanted in the Thanksgiving play and sneaks in some Thanksgiving education when the boys help Theodore study for an American history test.

Spot and Arlo: The Good Dinosaur. READ IT: http://grown-up-disney-kid.tumblr.com/post/133815992054/the-good-dinosaur-opens-for-thanksgiving

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Here's a list of 20 super fun Thanksgiving Movies. There's Thanksgiving movies for kids, couples, teens, and families. There's something for everyone on this list!

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