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If I EVER should have to give an acceptance speach, it will be this! haha


I made it up; I made him Mr. Perfect. I was lucky to have people tell me bits and pieces of this speech over time. I was lucky to get away and to have him stay away long enough for me to get over him and to move on to someone infinitely better who showed me just how far from perfect he was. I'm very lucky that I can now give this advice to others and relate to every. single. word. Thanks to those who helped me get to this place. Thanks so much.


Blake Lively's eldest daughter with Ryan is spitting image of her mom

Devoted family man: : In his speech, Ryan thanked his wife for giving him 'two of the most incredible children I've ever hoped to have'


So if you don't want Doctor Who to go away the post this everywhere and spread the word, we will not be giving Doctor Who up easily.


Action Poem, "Pancakes" to go with If you Give a Pig a Pancake. Rusk: I can create questions to go with poems found (and used) from this page. If you write questions, will you please let me know so the work is not repeated? THANKS! TB


FREE and super-cute! Two variations on "Give Me Five" are included. Download now for Back to School use. (2 pages)LIKE IT? Please leave me feedback. Thanks!Graphics: EduClips* If you are looking for more Back to School ideas like this, be sure to check these out:Good Manners postersWhole Body Listening posters


The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Bride Speech

Giving a bride speech is a great way to put your own personal stamp on the reception!


You can not imagine how I was yesterday in the evening grateful to God for your love. When I embrace myrself and think of you, for me is this one of the best feelings. This actually doing themselves, but with the knowledge of your love. It gives me each day a fresh start. I truely mean this. Thank you :)