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Texture Definition In Art

Jenny Barnett - handmade felt art. Saw some of Jenny's creatures in person last weekend. They are BEAUTIFUL!

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I love this piece because of the body structure and the profile its in. I also like the idea that the face looks incomplete, like it's not really finished yet. I look and this and think, this guy is not really there; he is incomplete. linking to the hidden message which Jenny Saville uses in her artwork.

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I love the different shades of light and how they accent her skin. I just find it amazinv how theirs so many shades in one small space.

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I like the idea of stitching bits of running stitch over fabric to create both contrast and texture; definitely appearing in my major work

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in this image the photographer has used a macro lens to capture the detail and texture in the coral, there isn't a lot of color in it so that takes away some of the distraction so we focus more on the lines and imagine what it would feel like to touch it and feel it, which creates a lot more of interest in it. it gets the viewers senses flowing

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Top Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Update your Summer Bedroom

Hmmm...definitely a different word. Love coordinating buttons and fabric idea. Or book paper.

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Some elements in this "bohemian style room" (according to the OP) really remind me of some of the people's homes I visited in Turkey--I definitely want to keep that vibe in mind when I start decorating my place! More

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tumblr_mmjeshWZdz1rvw2qpo1_500.jpg (500×647) - could do a cut up chaotic sample and then a fixed puzzle like sample to show mother fixing your feelings

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Honeycomb with baby bees !!! The importance of bees should never be taken for granted for without them, we would not have the produce we so dearly love

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Vintage Deco Look/Faux Marcasite-Look Brooch

Vintage Deco Look/Faux Marcasite-Look Brooch A gorgeous Vintage Art-Deco look brooch that is a lovely match to the earrings I have listed (seen in pic but not included;separately listed). Textured to look like marcasite, but is all raised silver toned metal. No markings. Unsure of exact age, but definitely post 1960s. Condition: Excellent Vintage condition; pin clasp works perfectly. Vintage Jewelry Brooches

Sometimes I'm Overemotional (Finnabair)

texture: texture is the surface quality of an object and in this you can see the different levels of the work, some pieces pop out and some are painted with clumps so if you run your fingers over it you can feel the dried bumps of paint and the different objects in the work.

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20 Of The Best Hair Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

Incredible texture portrayed in this sketch. So gorgeous. I'm in love with the waves.

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Student work from Paul J. Gelinas-perhaps the best variation of this project I have seen.

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Gabriele Dell'Otto Batman/Joker, in David O's Gabriele Dell'Otto Comic Art Gallery Room

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