Have the students write down a text connections that they make during their independent reading time on a slip of construction paper, share, and then categorize them into the three text connections. Once categorized, connect them to create paper chains:) I love the visual "connection" picture that it makes in the kids heads. -the {ART} of learning: {Text Connections}

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Can't teach "connections" but if they are able to cite evidence from the text that made them make the connection...Then I could use this.

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Making Connections -- love these explanations on connecting text to self, other texts and the world around you.

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Each of my students gets a copy of this chart to place in their reader's notebook. I hope you find it useful in your classroom to help your students make MEANINGFUL connections.

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Text Connections: Text to text, text to self, text to world. Interactive Reading Notebook. TeacherKarma.com

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