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This is Barbette. Acrobat, Drag Queen, contemporary of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Josephine Baker, Picasso, and at one time the toast of Paris in the 1920s. Born Vander Clyde Broadway in Round Rock, Texas in 1899, he learned how to walk on the tightrope as a part of World Famous Alfaretta Sisters act, where he began to dress as a woman and create his act. After touring with Vaudeville shows around the nation, he moved to Paris and quickly became immensely popular, noted for taking his wig off…

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QUANAH PARKER—KWAHADI COMANCHE Comanche Chief Quanah was the son of white captive Cynthia Ann Parker, who raised him to respect his Indian heritage. In his late 20s, he fought to resist the intrusion of the buffalo hunters into Comanche territory, leading his warriors at the famous Battle of Adobe Walls.

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A good example of the gear and dress of the Rangers at San Elizario is this circa 1878 photo of Texas Rangers Andy and Tom Zickefoose, with an unidentified man in the middle. This is the only known photo taken of Salt War Rangers.

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It's a jungle in there! Man creates exotic paradise garden with banana plants and palm trees… in his backyard in LEEDS

Where the wild things are: The tropical garden is filled with banana trees, bamboo plants and palm trees

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patrick swayze ( one of the best looking men ever! So talented too. I miss him. )

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Sorry, but it's important that you read the small print. Basically, they have guns, but no ammo. They also have some of the tightest gun regulation in the world.

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We love this image of James B. “Jim” Hawkins, a charter member of Company D of the Texas Rangers, because he definitely looks like he’s loaded for bear.

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Queen Alexandra, Queen Elizabeth’s great grandmother, loved jewelry and she was only ever seen covered in pearls and diamonds.

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