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Texas Concealed Carry

Now here's the question, are they protecting you, themselves, or are you the victim?


OMG sexy - biker woman purse or conceal carry, oh sweet jeezus i want this so bad!


I'd like to know how to shoot a gun.

from Etsy

Small Auto Laser, Purse Holster Pink, Concealed Carry LC9 Solo Nano CCW pistol Sig P938 Bersa Ruger

Small Auto Laser Purse Holster Pink Concealed by CreativeConceal

Pink On Black Concealed Carry Corset Holster by CanCanConcealment, $79.99


Make sure you're concealed carry allows for this first, but great way to secure your firearm where you can actually get to it quickly!

from Wide Open Spaces

State Knife Possession Laws [INFOGRAPHIC

The state knife possession laws have never been easy to find, until this infographic showed up.


Each pair of shorts features two identical holsters, one on each side, so if you’re right handed you can carry a handgun on your right side and also carry spare magazines, documents, handcuffs on your left side. And, vise versa for left handed individuals. Truly one of the most comfortable holsters you’ll ever wear.

from Impassioned Fashion

No Pepper Spray Women's T-Shirt

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