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To Ask Freedom for Women is Not a Crime. Suffrage Prisoners Should Not Be Treated as Criminals. banner

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Texas Cop Kills Pit Bull

"So cops now have body cams to defend their side of an incident. But when the…


Etta Place: Born 1878, was a companion of the famous American outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (real  names Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh). The Pinkerton Detective Agency traced her to Fort Worth in Texas and to the St. Louis World Fair, but failed to arrest them before she returned to Argentina. she   returned to Argentina.


SCOTT COOLEY - an orphan adopted by rancher Tim Williamson, he later joined Texas Rangers and became well respected lawman, feared due to his relentless pursuit of outlaws. In 1875, Williamson was falsely arrested and killed by lynch mob while under protection of a local deputy. In revenge, Cooley rode up to and shot, then scalped the deputy - event marked the beginning of what would be called the "Hoodoo War" of Mason County. Rangers protected Cooley who later disappeared into history.

Steven Judy | Serial killer: Rapist. Number of victims: 11 + Date of murders: 1970's Arrest: May 1979 D.O.B.: 1956 Victims profile: 8 women and 3 children Method: Strangulation / Drowning Location: Indiana/Texas/Louisiana/California, USA: Executed by electrocution in Indiana on March 9, 1981

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These Are The Scariest Books Of All Time

11 Of The Scariest Books Of All Time #refinery29


The dangers of landing on an aircraft carrier.


Young Butch Cassidy--mug shot after he was arrested for horse stealing in Wyoming.


Officer Who Arrested Sandra Bland Charged For Lying In His Police Report


Native American Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest