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Tetris battle game

Nintendo Game Boy (1989) - Despite the Game Gear having a colour screen and the 16-bit Atari Lynx also being more powerful, the Game Boy’s dual-pronged attack of Tetris and Mario, plus a longer battery life than its technically superior rivals thanks to the greenscale screen, meant Nintendo won the first handheld console battle.

Tetris Party Deluxe (Nintendo DS) by Tetris Online,

Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters [DVD] [2011] DVD ~ Thor Aackerlund, A documentary about the battle to win the 2010 World Classic Tetris Championship.


Tetris Battle Gaiden (テトリス バトル外伝 武闘外伝, Tetorisu Batoru Gaiden Butō Gaiden) is a competitive puzzle-battle game, similar to games such as Puzzle Fighter or Puyo Puyo. One can play against a friend or the Computer in a story mode. There is also an included Rensa mode, which ensures a more hyperactive game due to increased gravity. The player can choose from a list of characters in the story mode, including a Dragon or a pumpkin named Halloween.

Ninja, from Tetris Battle Gaiden! [The Video Game Art Archive] [Support us on Patreon]

Tetris Battle 2P - Free online Tetris game at Tetris Friends