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1. Principle This kit is based on the specific reaction of antibody-antigen and immunochromatography. β-lactams and tetracyclines antibiotics in the sample compete for the antibody with the antigen coated on the membrane of the test strip. Then after a color reaction, the result can be observed. 2. Applications This kit is used for rapid qualitative analysis of β-lactams and tetracyclines in milk sample. 3. Detection Limit (LOD) Tetracyclines 50ppb β-lactams LOD(μg/L) Cep


Bronchitis Symptoms

Antibiotics for Bronchitis It may occur in two forms; some people may have acute bronchitis, although some may complain in opposition to repea... #Bronchitis

Know when not to give tetracycline. --- Visit for your daily dose of nursing education! --- #nclex #nursing #nclextips #nclex_tips #nurse #nursingschool #nursing_school #nursingstudent #nursing_student


If are currently suffering from acne and the problem has started to develop into something more serious, then you might be thinking about going ahead with a treatment that is going to be more likely to solve the problem for you. If you have suffered from acne then your first treatments would have most likely been prescription facial cleansers or scrubs, antibiotics which are all very common treatment option.... FULL ARTICLE…

Zovirax = Antiviral Aminoglycosides = Antibacterial Fungizone = Antifungal Cipro, vancomycin & tetracyclines = Antibiotic Platinol = Antineoplastic (tumors) Methotrexate = Antimetabolite/neoplastic (Arthritis/RA) Rifampin = Antitubercular Sulfonamides = Bacterioststic Antibiotics (prevent