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The all new Volvo XC90 is stunning. Out of most people's price range for sure. Good thing my business has car plan.

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The Tesla Drone is unique reinterpretation of drone ingenuity.  #Drone #Tesla #YankoDesign #Technology

The Tesla Drone is unique reinterpretation of drone ingenuity. #Drone #Tesla #YankoDesign #Technology

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The Scourge of Chronic Sinusitis and GERD Combination.

Ham and cheese sandwiches are a standard, but wait 'til you try this ham salad with cheese on your next sandwich. Chopped ham, celery and cheese, a bit of prepared mustard and mayonnaise, that 's all. Make a traditional sandwich or stuff in a pita pocket.

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Electric Tesla Model E to be half the price and 20 percent smaller than $70,000 Model S

Tesla’s Big Win Proves EVs Are Ready for Primetime

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 31 Motor Trend magazine’s unanimous decision to name the Tesla Model S its car of the year is more than a big moment for Tesla Motors. It’s a big moment for electric vehicles! Read more and learn vocabulary words like ancillary, chassis, debatable, endure, fissure, hone, lush, paradigm, perpetrated, scion, spate, torque, unprecedented, and vindicates.

CHART: Comparing Tesla With Other Electric Cars

#Tesla Motors and other #electric #cars comparison chart....not all, but most models.

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The Tesla Model S a more refined version of the electric luxury car than the original Tesla Roadster which was all sport, no luxury.

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