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Tesla News Today

from Mashable

Tesla app for Apple Watch could let you control a car from your wrist

Here's how you'll unlock your car in the future In today's age, knowledge is key. Being in the know, is a must for successful entrepreneurs: Learn more here-

from the Guardian

Tesla fatal autopilot crash: family may have grounds to sue, legal experts say

A still from a YouTube video of Joshua Brown in the driver’s seat of his Tesla Model S. Brown died while the car was in autopilot mode.

White House and BP legal wrangling: more damage to collaborative work in disaster response | Crisisblogger

Here comes 'the D': California-based #Tesla is set to make two major announcements today. R...


Tesla software update: did your car just get faster?

An automatic software update just made the Tesla Model S accelerate slightly faster. So fast, in fact, that the five-seat electric car now match McLaren's MP4-12C supercar

Tesla Powerwall To Go On Sale In Australia By 2015 End -

from BBC News

Tesla: Elon Musk reveals latest 'masterplan'

Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, publishes the second part of his self-titled "masterplan", saying Tesla will create domestic solar roofing.