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perfect animal shots | ... perfect shot. Following are some of the inspirational examples of

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1940 Ford Woody Station Wagon and matching teardrop trailer. ~ Miks' Pics "RV Rigs" board @

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Pictures of the day: 23 June 2014

An ant drinks from a water drop...An ant imitates the famous Farnese Atlas sculpture, where Greek god Atlas holds up the weight of the world

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The honeypot ant - a perfect example of nature’s strategy to survive in bad times. The honeypot ant or honey ant, is a normal ant species, but has adopted a special strategy to survive when there is a lack of food. Some of the working ants eat food and divert it into sweet syrup and save this syrup in their abdomens. For that, there abdomen grows big like a pot, sometimes to the size of a grape.

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"I think your eyes are bigger than your appetite." Photograph - The Refreshment. By Wolfgang Korazija on 500px

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Southern Tamandua, also called a Collared Anteater, or Lesser Anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla), is a species of anteater from South America. It is a solitary animal, found in many habitats from mature to highly disturbed secondary forests and arid savannas. It feeds on ants, termites and bees. It has very strong foreclaws that can be used to break insect nests or to defend itself.

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