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Tenchi Universe


Tenchi Universe [4 Discs]

Tenchi Universe,Universe 4,4 Discs

the tenchi universe collection

Tenchi Muyo! - Also known as Tenchi Universe | Started February 01, 2012 | Finished February 20, 2012 | Rate 10/10 || Loved this show as a kid - grew up watching it on Toonami, the anime block on Cartoon Network. So glad I was able to find it available online to watch! I love reliving childhood shows. <3 || Tenchi Universe is the full version of the show, so I am now watching that! | Started February 20, 2012 | Finished February 29, 2012 | Rate: 9/10

A Classic never goes out of style. Tenchi Universe now available!


Tenchi Muyo: The Real Tenchi Universe


Tenchi Universe (Star Wars Style) by on @deviantART