Thai Garlic Prawns Recipe - also known as Goong Gratiem - this is an insanely tasty Thai dish of prawns, or shrimp with garlic, chilli and light tempura style batter.

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Nakasei - Asakusa is famous for Tempura, have many tempura restaurants from good to bad and old to new. Founded on 1870, Nakasei, is one of the oldest restaurant in Asakusa, and it has been the favorite tempura restaurant for the locals ever since.

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Tsunahachi; Shinjuku, Tokyo. Probably the best tempura restaurant in the world. The original restaurant is a little off the beaten track in Shinjuku, but well worth the visit. A visit to Tokyo is not complete if you don't eat here! All tempura freshly made right in front of you by very talented tempura chefs. English menu provided, along with a guide on the best salts to eat with your tempura. There's apparently several around Tokyo - however, one of the more modern branches is on…

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Opened in 1931, this long-standing tempura restaurant uses fresh organic vegetables grown on its farm in Kanagawa Prefecture. Each piece is cooked fresh in front...

Uchitsu in Hiroo, is a Michelin 2 star Tempura restaurant where you can relax in the middle of the busy city in Tokyo. You will be impressed by the seasonal delicacies and the views you see from the big glass window behind the bar.

Seven Great Tempura Restaurants in Tokyo

Mikawa Zezankyo, one of top 3 tempura restaurants in tokyo, rick bayless' favorite

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