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Ernie, an experienced logger from rural Washington State, loses his job and is persuaded to take a job out of state as a temporary insurance adjuster in Los Angeles. Unprepared for the corruption and callousness rampant in the insurance industry, Ernie soon finds himself not only in trouble with his job, but on the top of an assassin’s hit list. Blessed with an innate intelligence, common sense, and a redneck sense of humor, Ernie will give his enemies a hilarious run for their money,

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13 Things You Never Knew You Needed To Keep Your Home Looking New

To keep your fridge organized to a T… | 13 Things You Never Knew You Needed To Keep Your Home Looking New


What you need to know about temporary insurance - what it covers, when you need it and when you might struggle to get cover.

June 1938. Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. "Family walking on highway, five children. Started from Idabel, bound for Krebs. In 1936 the father farmed on thirds and fourths at Eagleton, McCurtain County. Was taken sick with pneumonia and lost farm. Was refused relief in county of 15 years' residence because of temporary residence elsewhere." Still, they didn't give up... they were Americans. The child is looking at what is probably the exposure sheet from the camera blown away. Pic by Dorothea…


Love it, this is how we got rid of the "paper stack" of bills and important mail, each bill or important mail (insurance info, bank statements etc...) has a folder and when the folder is full we put the dates on the folder and file it in our filing cabinet (and start all over) - this is a similar concept, I may post mine (done before I saw this pin)


Speeding tickets can cause you years of unwanted insurance fees and no one wants that go to to learn how to Beat Speeding Tickets


Welfare Mother vs. Corporate Welfare Mother: 20 Billion more is spent in direct subsidies and tax breaks to U.S. corporations than is spent on aid to families, student aid, housing, food, and all direct public assistance, not including Social Security and Medicare.

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Fed Up With Obamacare, Doctors Increasingly Prefer Cash For Care

The following guide will outline basic digital prioritization for #healthcare brands looking to efficiently acquire patients online.