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Some people just need to get a life of their own. But it does make my life more interesting, just seeing how much attention they pay to me and how much they desperately need a life.

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Like this is so trueXD ok now Im scared...whos been watching me!?!?! O/ I Demand an answer and a Poptart!
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Opposite day would be the day when all men wore heels , pencil skirts and of course , a fitted matching jacket. Bridget Jones panties or thongs ? You decode lol xx

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Duck, duck, goose is the only game where you can hit someone in the head and run away

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A couple of years ago, my teacher kept placing me next to him. The funny part is is that she knew that I liked him, and I think he liked me. He was always looking at me or looking fidgety around me.

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