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Bear Hill Interiors via At Home in Arkansas, photography by Nancy Nolan. Inspiration for my daughter's bedroom. Stunning!

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Location is Nothing - a simple idea which could be recreated in any magazine store anywhere - simple clothing contrasted with the busy background is what makes this image so captivating.

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Mars, Pa

Love you guys!! #POLARIOD

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أخبره أيهاالعيد ‏أنّ لقاءنا في الليلة المقدّسة، لن أُدنّسه بلمس سواه ‏بعده أنا بتُول في دَيْر حُبه ، أترنّم بمزامير هواه ، وأصلي ألاّ ينزل بنا فراق

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Kate Moss Is Finally Going To Be On ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

hot mess | babyshambles | pete doherty | rebels | reckless | sex, drugs & rock n roll | party animals | smoking | guitar | late nights and bad habits | delinquents | house party | model behaviour | cocaine scandal |

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"I’ve never been creative, or remotely artistic. But it's as if all of my bottled-up emotions suddenly explode as I point the nozzle at the bricks and press down. Something snaps." ~Avalon at the graffiti wall (Miranda Kulig)

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