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100 Men's Street Style Outfits For Cool Guys

As adorable as this guy looks, remember friends- not all looks are for every body shape. Find a look that not only is in fashion, but fits your body shape.

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Cosh Boys in Notting Hill, London in 1954 wearing finger-tip length jackets of a style which immediately preceded Teddy Boy style. Note the chain attached to the belt loop, which was a direct influence from the Zoot Suit. Following on from the Spivs and during the early 1950's some teenage gangs started to appear in the East End of London and they became known as Cosh Boys.

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Shop this look on Kaleidoscope (shirt, jeans, sneakers)

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Just like any other teenager: Miley Cyrus suffers from a bad skin day as she visits fiancé Liam Hemsworth on set

So I want a remake of The Outsiders and I think Liam or Chris Hemsworth would be a good Darry Curtis

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Stylish boys at LFW.

. cobble

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