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Her head pounded and her vision blurred, not able to comprehend what had just been replayed in front of her. The only thing she could do was repeat over and over: "What happened?!"

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There may have been a little mangling a little maiming but no death. That's what I call an important distinction

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people often overlook this scene because of Allison's death which was huge, but this was also a touching scene and almost feels like it brought us back to the originial Stiles. #TeenWolf #3x23 #Insatiable

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Isaac not being able to control his emotions about Alison's death effected me MORE than Alison's actual death. Teen Wolf.

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Damn it Jeff Davis! You ruined my life! I can't get over Allison's death :'(( oh goodness I'm crying a river! Poor Scott :( the show won't be the same without her though Damn it

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