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They make me think about that fairy tale, the one with the two sisters, one who liked white roses and one who liked red roses... Their names were Blanche and Rose I believe...

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Margaret Hamilton as the 'Wicked Witch of the West' from The Wizard of Oz. Her most well known role. Children were terrified of her which saddened her greatly. As a child, when I thought of a Witch, it was her face I would see.

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tyler hoechlin // forever crushing on his role as Derek Hale in Teen Wolf

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'Teen Witch' reunion? Top that!

“Top that” is still a mantra for die-hard Teen Witch fans who cherish Louise Miller and her antics as a teenage sorceress. Now, the stars of the film have reunited, with teen witch herself Robyn Lively posting a series of Instagram pics that challenge all other film reunions to #TopThat.

James Dashner´s tweet about Thomas Brodie-Sangster. <<<wait wat he was in Star Wars? Witch one? Where?

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Derek Hale- I don't even care that this is the 50 millionth picture I've pinned of him.

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↳Fan made promo posters for The Originals. - the-originals-tv-show Fan Art

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Photography by Tim Walker - food styling by Rhea Thierstein

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Spellbound- Rookie Mag

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“Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off, And let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark. Do not for ever with thy vailed lids Seek for thy noble father in the dust: Thou know'st ‘tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to...