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Community Post: 16 Facts About Time That Could Blow Your Mind

Waiting for season 3 of Young Justice... Or season 2 of firefly... Or season 4 of sherlock


Dear Cartoon Network: Stop being stupid. There is no good reason for this. You're making room for new shows, fine. But why would you cut Young Justice and Green Lantern, two of the few good shows you actually have? And since when was Teen Titans not kid friendly?!


robin's eyes are soooo beautiful in the second season before I knew that Artemis only faked died and Nightwing looked at that pic and said thoughs words I couldn't contain myself. I just burst out crying.


gosh I miss them when they were younger. And I thought I wanted them to grow up... Can we just all agree season 2 never happened? (except for a few Spitfire gifs?) ALSO THAT'S JUST BEFORE WE LOST HIM. OH WALLY WHYYYY