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Teddy boys-- late 40's and 50's- Think this has to be my favourite fashion sense for men from this time!!

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I love how dark and moody this image is as I feel it really portrays the Teddy Boy look, I may take this into consideration for my portrait. I also like the idea of the cigarette as I feel it adds a very rebellious feel, paired together with the slick back hair and the Teddy Boy suit.

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Teddy boys. These boys were a part of subculture that like to dress similar to dandies in the Edwardian period.

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Guide London Explores History of British Fashion #style #infographic
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In the 1950's "the teddy boy" was a young man of a subculture characterized by a style of dress based on Edwardian fashion and a liking for rock and roll music.

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Cosh Boys in Notting Hill, London in 1954 wearing finger-tip length jackets of a style which immediately preceded Teddy Boy style. Note the chain attached to the belt loop, which was a direct influence from the Zoot Suit. Following on from the Spivs and during the early 1950's some teenage gangs started to appear in the East End of London and they became known as Cosh Boys.

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Interview with Designer Angie Chuang on "Teddy Girls and Bois" Collection

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Teddy Boys in 1950. Their style is youthful and dynamic! I think they follow street style?

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