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Latest News Today USA. Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump! 09.23.2016

It appears that the Senate is poised to quash a government shutdown threat from Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas in spite of presidential candidate Donald Trump lending his support to his former primary opponent's cause. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky. on Thursday filed a continuing resolution to fund the government without any language geared toward blocking the administration's IANA transition which Cruz had attempted to include in the bill. The Democrats still have to sign on but the measure…


Cruz throws his support to Trump's campaign at last

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump says he's "greatly honored" to receive the endorsement of defeated rival Ted Cruz, not that Cruz is using that word when acknowledging that he will vote for the Republican presidential nominee.


Ted Cruz says he will vote for Donald Trump-USA Election...

Amtrak asks woman if she's still trapped in elevator months later Read more Technology News Here --> For Amanda Carpenter getting trapped in an elevator was a nightmare. Back in February the former communication director for Sen. Ted Cruz found herself in an unfavorable situation: she was trapped in an Amtrak elevator at BaltimoreWashington International Airport. In an attempt to free herself from the commuter prison Carpenter tweeted to her 90000…

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Ted Cruz: Democratic Party home to 'liberal fascism' against Christians - Cruz: I can do bipartisanship

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Ted Cruz Booed After Refusing To Endorse Donald Trump In RNC Speech

TV News Caught In Donald Trump Vs Ted Cruz National Enquirer...: TV… #RepublicanPrimaryElectionResults #Republicanprimary #PrimaryResults

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Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer: the anatomy of a meme gone rogue

A recent poll revealed that 38% of Floridian voters believed that Ted Cruz might actually be the Zodiac killer. Enough said