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IBM Debuts New Mainframe in a $1 Billion Bet on Mobile

The z13 system can encrypt and analyze data in real time and process 30,000 transactions a second, International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) announced today. The z13 provides the capability to allow users to connect their mobile devices directly to the mainframe. The new system boasts improvements including the ability to perform data analytics on the machine itself, which IBM say can deliver insights faster and cheaper. [Future Computers:]

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Starbreeze and Smilegate to Collaborate on VR Content Platform -------- Starbreeze AB the company behind the StarVR head-mounted display (HMD) has been announcing several partnerships recently to bolster its virtual reality (VR) expansion. Over the past w

"[I]n the run up to the holiday season I think it's vitally important that we don't underestimate by one iota the importance of the localism movement. It is driving customers into your stores, and independent booksellers have been at the forefront of Local First/Shop Local, pioneering early victories that formed the foundation of today's success." -- Oren Teicher, American Booksellers Association CEO, in his pre-holiday letter

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'You're not welcome': teachers vote to ban Ofsted

You're not welcome:teachers vote to ban OFSTED The Independent 9 April 2012

The 15 most hackable and terrifying things (infographic) - Enterprise - | - Ireland's Technology News Service

The 15 most hackable and terrifying things (infographic) - Enterprise - | - Ireland's Technology News Service

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Facebook's editorial purge has completely backfired

Facebooks editorial purge has completely backfired Its been a rough few days for Facebooks Trending Topics. The company announced on Friday that its made the news list more automated by removing article descriptions and leaning more heavily on algorithms to produce it. The company also reportedly fired as many as 18 editorial contractors responsible for writing descriptions and ensuring the accuracy of the sources it uses. Now were watching the immediate and disastrous effects unfold. First there were the hilarious mix-ups. Yesterday a video of a dog reacting to seeing its owner for the first time in two years went viral. The top headline from something called told people they just had to watch it. And yet the Trending Topics module put the video under the... Continue reading latest news New Gadgets Tech Digi News Tech Guru Tech News Tech News Today Technology News Today

Do you know where your data is?    #infographic #Technology #CloudComputing #Data

Do You Know Where Your Data Is? #infographic

Do you know where your data is? #infographic #Technology #CloudComputing #Data


Sony launches Xperia Z1 - Sony has been very busy at the IFA in Berlin today. The company gave its presentation and revealed a host of products ranging from laptops, cameras, and of course a new flagship smartphone. As expected Sony launched the Xperia Z1, a phone that was previously known under its codename Honami. (Read More)


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