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Technology And Society

The image can be interpreted to show how society is reliant on technology and the white line can show how technology is always running through us because as it develops, society adapts with the process. Will the users of Generation Alpha be more advanced than the other Generations because technology will be developed further?


Nick Gentry is a British artist from London. Much of his artistic output has been generated with the use of contributed artefacts and materials. His art is influenced by the development of consumerism, technology, identity and cyberculture in society, with a distinctive focus on obsolete media. He is best known for his floppy disk paintings and film negative artworks, placing an emphasis on recycling obsolete media and the reuse of personal objects as a central theme.

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Image from Dada. In the same way that these hybrid creatures represent people being brainwashed through what they see on television, I want my hybrid creatures to represent people suffering from mental health issues which affect their self esteem (i.e eating disorders) being brainwashed by what they see as beautiful.


New narrative still life paintings and drawings by graphic artist David Cahill. Check out more images at his portfolio website


Possibly a great activity here, on the way technology advancement has influenced society - in a way that will make sense and is relevant to younger students.


Banksy, the U.K. street artist who doesn’t shy from making commentary on social and technology issues with his graffiti street art, published a new sketch with a terrifying reminder that your iPhone has basically become a parasitic extension. banksy

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Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

By Kate Powell: "This is a self portrait I did for part of my exam/coursework :-) It didn’t take very long as I was just trying to get an idea down onto paper, and I’m not sure how to feel about the photoshop work I’ve done but it’s all just practice and experimenting!" “Scatterbrain”


9. The four Mary’s and the narrator are all identities that Woolf has created to represent the women of society and the expectations and limitations that are imposed on them. All women have potential but it is up to them to fight back against the oppressing society they live in.

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Meet Jean Yang, the Innovator Under 35 who’s programming security into everything—even calendars