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i hate how the end just says Gale lives in district two and she sees him on the new sometimes! gah!

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10 Memes About Beatrice "Tris" Prior That True Divergent Fans Will Appreciate

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Good Guy Gale

that is a very good point..sometimes i wish he would have tried harder, but then i remember Gale and Katniss would never work..she needs Peeta's calm and peace in her life.

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I'm not Team Gale but I'm not fond of blaming him for a mistake. He helped Katniss and her family, and he loved her very much.

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I think you've miss counted....gale appears to have an 8 pack. The Hunger Games Explorer

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I'm literally dying right now because that is my tumblr post. Like I wrote that. A few years ago. Hahahaha. Still true though.

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17 Jokes Only "Hunger Games" Fans Will Understand

This unfortunate situation Gale finds himself in: | 17 Jokes Only "Hunger Games" Fans Will Understand

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