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Main Idea Anchor Chart. This will be on the wall in the classroom to ...


Free printable - Students must group words based on similar topics - a great introduction to teaching main idea.


Using a Puzzle to Teach Main Idea and Details


I love this fun activity for teaching main idea and supporting details. It's concrete and that is awesome!


Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme

Free Main Idea vs. Theme Sort! Determining the main idea of a story is tricky, but throw in theme, and things get even more muddled. Help your students see the difference between theme and main idea with this free and quick sort.

from The Friendly Teacher

Main Idea and Detail with Dirt Pudding {& a Freebie}

Teaching main idea and detail is hard but with this fun, interactive, and hands-on lesson it will get stuck in their head! This main idea activity will have your kiddos talking for days. There is also a FREEBIE!


Find the Main Idea with Non-Fiction Texts *FREEBIE*... Follow for FREE "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)


Main Idea and Main Topic (Exploring ELA)

Main Idea Anchor Chart- Teaching Main Idea and Main Topic- Blog Post written to study the ELA standard that focuses on main idea/main topic and key details. Find hands on tips and activities to make teaching this informational standard easier.

from The Creative Apple Teaching Resources

Teaching Main Idea in the Upper Grades

A 5th grade teacher shares her introductory lesson to main idea, topic sentence, and key details.


Main Idea Freebie from Common Core Crunch - May