The Most Important Event of the 20th Century? How the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Can Still Be Felt Now - Made From History

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Prohibition by the Numbers

Prohibition was definitely not one of those shining points in American history. In fact, attempts to regulate alcohol consumption go way back to the early days in US (even during the Colonial period). This infographic spells out a history of attempts (and failures) of alcohol legistlation, protests, repeals and so on... (read more...)

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The Best American History Movies

Over 40 movies, most available through Netflix, to teach the history of the United States.

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Use documents made during the American Revolution and keep them in a neat idea like this one! Teaching American Revolution could potentially use for the invitation?

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World War One Fact Cards - Treetop Displays - A set of 18 A5 fact cards that give fun and interesting facts about World War I. Each fact card has a key word heading, making this set a fantastic topic word bank as well! Visit our website for more information and for other printable resources by clicking on the provided links. Designed by teachers for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2).

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Cards like this were sent to every home. They told people what to do if there was an air raid.

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