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I have used this is my classroom for three years. It works like a charm. The students love to see how many gum balls they can earn during the given time. I have either set the timer for the full amount of work time or set it for smaller increments of time. As a reward, if they reach the goal, I sometimes give a piece of bubble gum, or something toward a classroom goal for some other reward...For example I might give them a letter toward building the word Compliments.

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Try this 2-minute timer for short tasks such as tidying up. Pupils must finish before the marbles are all in the jar!

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Countdown timers are a fantastic tool in maintaining a good pace in a lesson and keeping students focused. Here are some awesome timers you can use in your lessons!

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Class Timer - great timer with a really loud alarm. I use for addition speed drills.

I love these! Animated timers that you can put on the projector. Gives students a visual for the time they have remaining. Plus a fun surprise (noise cue) when time is up! :)

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