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How to Thrive on a Teacher's Salary - HoJo's Teaching

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck on your teaching salary? Do you want to know how to thrive on your teacher's salary? This blog post will give you advice that can really help you out!


This is a sheet that contains persuasive sentence starters. Cut the sentence starters our and give to children to use while writing their persuasive sentence, or paragraph, depending on the grade level. You could use these to show how persuasive writing differs from other types of writing, and the clues that we look for in writing to tell the type of text it is.


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Teaching seems to require the sort of skills one would need to pilot a bus full of live chickens backwards, with no brakes, down a rocky road through the Andes while providing colorful and informative commentary on the scenery.


Good information...not just for teachers but anyone looking to live within their means and still enjoy life!


Thriving on a Teacher's Salary #1

Tips on how to thrive on a teacher's salary. Living on a teacher's salary isn't easy and I don't have all of the answers, but I have learned some things that I want to share with you. Read more at


this is not a box...A great idea for a Provocation. Give every child the same box and get them to create a plan for what it could be and then write a story around what they create. This could be an awesome technology unit.