Tanning with tea bags? Why didn't I ever think about dying my skin with tea bags when I was dying paper and fabrics with it? ugh.

Safest Non Toxic Self Tanner: Black Tea! {brew & mix with water for a spray; I will prob try mixing with coconut oil for a lotion}

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Butterfly Tea Bag! It is a shame it would not work for Tetley tea bags. Must try to make something to had one on cups.

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For Brighter, younger eyes Use cool damp green tea or peppermint tea bags with 2 drops of rosemary essential oil on each tea bag. Place over the eyes to reduce red puffy eyes and dark circles. Suzanne

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This Is such a unique bag, it's a tea pot!!!!!!!! This bag is black with a black damask pattern. On the top it has the black zippering and gold pulley things. At the tippy top it has a gold metal circle thing. Then it has a gold chain with a leather thing where you hold it, you can use as a shoulder bag.

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How to make self-tanner without DHA and other scary chemicals. Tried (on pale skin,) and it works! Just replace or supplement your normal lotion w/this cocoa butter and coconut oil based, four ingredient mix ..and yes you have to use it more often than most self-tanners because it's all natural and not chemicially changing your skin - which rocks!

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